Welcome to MNJ Insurance Solutions

At MNJ Insurance Solutions, we have knowledge and years of experience of the market, benefit trends, and various funding methods. Our clients rely on us to assist them with the annual evaluation of health and welfare benefits, assist with design, cost cutting when necessary, implementation, and ongoing management of their Employee Benefits programs.

We work closely with a multitude of Insurance companies to discern which products, services and solutions fit the needs of our clients. Every client has unique needs. Therefore, it is important to strategically review which solutions are the right balance of benefits, provider and hospital access, while maintaining the client’s budget.

About Julie Mangrello-Jennings

Julie Mangrello-Jennings started her career in Human Resources and decided to follow her passion with Employee Benefits.  She has over 20 years of experience as a Health and Life Insurance Agent and in HR Management, which provides her with a solid understanding of both the employer and employees’ needs.  When Health Care Reform was signed into law, she spent five years of her career focusing on training and development for Insurance agents on the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts employers, and ERISA compliance, and trained agents on various sales strategies for companies of various sizes.  In 2015, she launched MNJ Insurance Solutions, a family-owned insurance agency, focusing on Employee Benefits for small and mid-sized employers.

Julie earned her Master’s degree in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership from Chapman University, and has her Bachelors in Business Management, which provides her a unique perspective when evaluating Employee Benefit solutions for her clients.

Julie Mangrello-Jennings is not just a Health Insurance Agent, but a visionary in the HR domain and renowned for her ability to seamlessly align organizational objectives with the needs and budgets for employers. Her profound insights, plus years of hands-on experience and academic acumen, have positioned her as a sought-after thought leader within the Insurance Industry. Julie continues to be a beacon of innovation, customizing benefit solutions for many corporations, and leaving an indelible mark on the organizations she touches.