Cost of Waiting

There are many costly, negative effects you may receive just by waiting one year on purchasing a certain financial vehicle.

So you’ve decided to wait on purchasing a permanent life insurance policy. Maybe you’ll reconsider in a year from now.

But did you know, just by waiting one year, you can expose yourself to many negative, costly effects. Effects such as higher premium amounts, limited choice of benefits, government delegating where your assets go, and the possibility of not being insurable!

And on top of all of this, you’ll be paying more for fewer benefits.

Let’s say you want to put $200,000 into a life insurance policy and have income taken out from age 65 to 100. If you start investing at age 45, you’re given an initial death benefit of around $930,000 and by age 95, your account has blossomed into a money tree of over $3.4 million in both cash accumulation value and death benefit.

If you waited just five years, you are given a death benefit of only around $735,000 and by age 95 – though the amount is still fair – your account has only grown to about $2.4 million in both cash value and death benefit.

Just by waiting that short period, you lost on the potential of gaining over $1 million in cash value and $1 million in death benefit. This is definitely something to think about…as you wait, of course…

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